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2017 Habitat Seed Program

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Quail  & Upland Wildlife Federation Northern Virginia Chapter 16 Officers are again offering  habitat seed to its members and others.  If you are interested please submit your wish-list.

YOUR “Wish List” IS NEEDED.  Your “wish list” numbers HELP US to determine how many bags of each type of seed that we will need to order.

DEADLINE- Please submit your 2017 Habitat Seed Order before March 31, 2017.

COST.  $10 – $15 per bag depending on our cost for shipping and handling

Membership Fee: To obtain seed a $35 membership fee must be paid.

Please indicate the number of 50-lb. bags desired.
Milo (Grain Sorghum)
I understand that the seed I/my organization may receive from Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation IS INTENDED FOR WILDLIFE PLANTINGS ONLY.

This seed will not be sold or used for commercial harvest. I/my organization also agree to leave the grain crop stand for wildlife food. I/my organization understands that the seed, if received, may be below standard in germination and that I/my organization will hold no claims against Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc. or its representatives through the use of this product. If I/my organization is unable to plant all of the seed, I/my organization agrees to make the surplus available to other landowners for the purpose of wildlife food plots or to dispose of the seed in a safe manner where no livestock or wildlife may have access to it. I/my organization understands that this seed may be chemically treated and under no conditions will this seed be used for livestock.

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