Northern Virginia Chapter 16 Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation

Conservation, Outreach, Hunting – Sharing a passion for outdoor sports with the next generation.



Quail and Upland WF

Mission Statement

Provide Virginia’s wildlife habitat conservationists and sportsmen a new director for preserving our nation’s wildlife by helping with  local projects, outreach and involvement.

Who We Are

We are the local chapter of the national organization Quail and Upland Wildlife FederationTM, a 501(C)3 organization, serving Northern Virginia and all other counties in the state of Virginia.

We are Conservationists… Like never before, people  want to be involved in wildlife habitat work on their own land in their communities.

We are Champions of Conservation…Through our annual habitat seed program in 2013 alone our members planted over 4,005 acres of seed.

We are a Group of Like-minded Sportsmen… We actively support all types of conservation efforts with sporting and community events for adults and youth planned throughout the year.

We are Educators… We strive to help educate adults and youth to become sportsmen by giving those opprotunities to experience, appreciate and participate in outdoor field sports and, at the same time, attract and teach them about wildlife coservation and help them to enjoy the outdoors in their daily lives.

We are Hunters… Some of us have a passion to be bird dog followers, bobwhite quail, duck, rabbit, deer, pheasant, grouse and turkey hunters. We love the outdoors!

Membership Interest

Membership is open to all; the qualifications are a desire for upland wildlife habitat restoration and a membership in our national organization. We would love to expand on our membership and have you become involved with the chapter. If you would like to  be part of our chapter, join us at our next announced meeting or one of our activities and see first-hand what we are all about.

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