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K9 First Aid Seminar, Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club

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Dr. Frank White, DVM, Fredericksburg Animal Hospital

May 31 at the NV16 QUWF at the Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club annual adult/youth fun shoot, Dr. Frank White, DVM and QUWF life member, presented a K9 First Aid Seminar and answered numerous questions for attendees.

Presentation and questions were outstanding. Of note were Dr. Frank’s responses to the following: how to help a dog with overheating; how to administer 1st aid in the field to a dog with barb wire cuts; and, how to provide 1st aid to dogs with snake bites.

Animal First Aid Kit

  • Adhesive Tape (1” width)               For bandaging; also can be used as a muzzle
  • Sterile Dressing Pads (4”)              For covering or cleaning wounds
  • Strip Gauze                                           For holding the pad onto a wound
  • Newspaper                                           Can be used as a temporary splint
  • Thermometer                                     For measuring body temperature
  • Antiseptic Solution (Betadine)    For cleaning wounds
  • Antibiotic Ointment                         For topical treatment of minor wounds
  • Eye Wash (Saline)                             For washing eyes
  • Blanket                                                  For warmth or for carrying a pet hammock style
  • Rope Leash                                          For restraint

Dr. White can be found at his Veterinarian Clinic at
1525 Olde William Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401,
or by calling his office 540-373-6512.

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