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Northern Virginia QUWF Awarded 2014 NRA Youth Outreach Grant

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“The future of our entire sport, the lands we hunt and the management of both rests with our youth. Engaging them is the key to unlock the future of conservation” states Craig Alderman, Executive Director of QUWF, the only Veteran Founded, true multi-specie national conservation organization in the U.S. “Our QUWF Northern Virginia Chapter aggressively addresses youth outreach, getting our youth involved in the shooting sports at every opportunity and reaching out to those sources that are willing to help QUWF such as the NRA” explains Alderman.


“When you see a youngster bust a clay for the first time, or hit the paper target with a pellet gun or .22, seeing that smile is the best engagement we can offer to our youth” points out Robert Crowell, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Chapter. “The NRA grant not only lets us expand that outreach but also get more qualified instructors up to speed and help work with all interested youth as well as encouraging their parents to attend. Teaching the safe and responsible use of firearms, ownership and the social acceptance of hunting with the shooting sports is the only path for a good sportsman and responsible citizen with our QUWF chapter” says Crowell. High standards of safety, sportsmanship and above all ethical behavior are all emphasized points with the QUWF chapter youth events.

QUWF is the only Veteran Founded and Veteran managed national conservation organization in the United States.

 As of June 2014, QUWF and its local chapters and members have impacted 2.6 million acres of wildlife habitat and it’s chapters spent $138 Million Dollars in their local communities. That is “Turnin-the-Dirt”.

 Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc.™, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) conservation organization, serves its members and chapters nationwide, providing a strong local source of habitat focus on all upland wildlife and their population recovery. Millions of dollars of habitat work have been completed by its members over the years on millions of acres of both private and public lands, that work continues with a renewed vitality. Our chapters from coast to coast, provide the grass roots, local habitat work that is making a difference each and every day. For more information or to join QUWF please visit our website at

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