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QUWF Receives NRA Grant for Youth Outreach Programs and Instructors

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In 2014 the Northern Virginia Chapter 16 of Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc. was awarded a NRA grant which will provide equipment and training for adult volunteers and youth in the shooting sports. The program is designed to educate and expose adults, the Boy Scouts and other area youth to the recreational potential of shooting sports and other outdoor activities.

With this NRA Grant we will enhance the physical, cognitive and social conservation development of our youth through safe, educational, responsible and socially acceptable involvement in a shooting related activity. Teaching safe and responsible use of firearms equipment develops sound decision making, self-discipline and great auto neural skills. High standards of safety, sportsmanship and, above all, ethical behavior, needs to be mentored at all levels of society but especially to our youth.
It is also a goal of the program to get family members and their friends involved, thereby strengthening a family’s bond and understanding of our environment and what it takes from all of us to ensure its continued existence. Complementing other programs, such as hunter education and safety, will build a stronger base of understanding to our youth and adults alike.

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